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Joe Colombo lamp KD27 KD28


Im leaving Sweden to return home to Sydney Australia and I want to bring back a KD27 or KD28 lamp.
If anyone has one they want to get rid of, or know where I can find one please contact me.
I live in Malmö at the moment.



There is one at Retro Modern Design in Helsingborg:

Have you tried at Gamla Lampor, Malmö?
You could also try at Kjelles Möbler, Malmö Nirvana Furniture, Malmö or Zimmerdahl, Lund

Good luck :)

Thanks so much for the tips  ;D I'll keep an eye on the shops you mentioned.
Ive never seen the KD27 in Black before, I think I prefer it in the cream colour, hmm not sure...
I would really like to find a KD28 in orange.


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